RKON (Rich Kids Of NFT) is all about the community and we wanted to be the first to create an awesome Crypto hero battle card game with collectable NFTS, backed buy a token to reward its loyal investors and supporters

We wanted to create an honest and open platform where we build the foundations and you the community create the rest the way you would like it and we do this from feedback from you which after launch will be displayed on both websites as we collect it,

Between the NFT and the token we join collectables, gaming and earning in one

So, this truly is your chance with RKON to Collect, Play! Earn! And most of all enjoy CRYPTO

fire flame

The buyback function is a major part of the RKON’s strategy. It lowers supply and raises demand, which results in an immediate effect on price when activated.

full bag of coins

The tokens bought through buyback are immediately burned. This creates a true burn and guarantees the price per token will increase every time a buyback is activated because each activation reduces supply, which increases demand for what's left of the current circulation.

locked liquidity
Locked Liquidty

We want to make sure that all of our investors are protected, which is why we're locking Rich KIds Of NFT LP Tokens. For the sake of security and trust in our RKON community!


Our Document

You can find links to our official white paper below!

white paper

Crypto Hero Battle card Collection

All unsold tokens from the presale will be burned, therefore it will increase the value of $RKON

Crypto Hero Battle card Collection

All unsold tokens from the presale will be burned, therefore it will increase the value of $RKON

RKONToken Exclusive NFTs


Our exclusive original NFTS will be minted after launch! so make sure you are ready to grab them!

Sniper-Bot protection

Protection agains Sniper Bots

Max Buy 

Max Wallet


Variable taxes after launch, max buys and wallets


To prevent the chart to dump we will have different SELLTAXES.
26% day 1-2 
13% day 2-infinity
Max wallet


Private and open presale 

Private presale through shill tasks
open presale on 


Redistribution to holders in BUSD

Reflection to holders in BUSD to protect our holders from voiality.



  • 6%

    Strategie Buyback

  • 2%

    Reward to Holders

  • 3%


  • 2%

    Game Development


Turning on the buyback feature ensures the system buys back tokens from the market. This creates an immediate positive ripple effect on the project which affects the token’s price. See the section How Rich KIds Of NFT Works for further information.


Burning is immediately initiated to the tokens bought through our buyback feature. This results in a true burn and ensures automatic increase in the price per token every time a buyback occurs.


Hodlers are also rewarded using instant auto-staking of 3% of the transaction volume and they can seamlessly monitor the growth of their holdings in real-time.

Total Supply



As The marketing fund grows. One lucky winner could win Native tokens and NFTS. Just for holding RKON token.
(terms and conditions apply)


RKON will be giving away Tokens, NFTS, And in some cases USD stable coin Prizes, All you have to do is HODL.


For the competitive People that want to earn. Join our social media to compete in challenges. Become a winner in the Tournaments announced via our social media.


Cut your token cost by HODL and get a share of the purchase tax dropped direct to your wallets,

The Jack Pot Fund

Still not enough Rewards! well we have a Never done before offering of 2 jackpots where you will win your choice of a the best 2 Prizes in Crypto, which are 1) BE part of the Team! that's right get hired and have

Roadmap (note: check mark does not mean completed or not completed)

  • Phase 01

    checkRigorous marketing scheme

    checkToken development

    check New Website and Branding

    check Social Media Channels

    check Presale & Launch

    check Social Media Marketing

    check Launch of our Official Whitepaper

  • Phase 02

    checkFirst Token Burn

    checkCommunity / Team Building



    checkBoost Twitter Followers

    checkBoost Instagram Followers

    checkBoost Telegram Group Members

  • Phase 03

    check100,000 Holders

    checkRevamped marketing

    checkRedesigning the project (website, meme addition)

    checkLInk to parent site Richkidsofnft.com

    checkNFT Giveaway to holders

  • Phase 04

    check200,000 Holders

    checkMassive community Giveaway at 500M Market Cap

    checkLaunch of RKON Swap (DEX)

    checkNew NFT marketplace

    checkLaunch of yield farming platform

  • Phase 05

    checkBig token buy back to raise the floor price

    checkListing on Major Exchanges

    checkInfluencer Marketing Push

    checkLaunch of Merchandise

    checkFurther Partnerships

    checkNFT play to earn Game

    checkFurther Ecosystem Development

    checkBig Community giveaway


What is a RKON?

RKON is a deflationary token linked to its parent Rich KIds of NFT.

What is the usecase for RKON?

The main usercase will be the NFTs and the NFT games where you will play to earn, on top of this we will be looking to set up staking and yield, as well as holders get prizes and token drops, this will continue to grow as the token and community builds as we will do a poll for the best ideas.

Where can I buy RKON?

You can buy this Binance smart chain token on Pancakeswap or Poocoin

Is there a presale?

Yes, Open and private whitelist, see above to enter

Are there anti bot and anti-Whale measures?

of course this is what will set us apart and stop investors getting dumped on, see our token info above

Are there giveaways and prizes?

Yes, this will start in the build-up and will carry on so stay tuned on our Telegram and twitter.

What is the minimum and Maximum buy?

0.05 BNB - 10 BNB

What is the slippage on pancakeswap?

Slippage is 13%-16%

Will the project be audited?

Yes this is in our roadmap after the launch

What is the target softcap and hard cap?

open sale softcap 50 bnb and hardcap 400 bnb and private sale 60bnb

Is there a white list?

Yes apply on the website via completed tasks

When is the launch?

we are aiming to launch 24 hours after we hit 10000 telegram members, or early October

Listing &